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Plymouth's Yearly Mission Trip

Shortly after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, a small group of Plymouth Congregation Members banded together with concerned citizens from area churches and communities to help with the clean-up in Pass Christian, Mississippi. The Spirit of giving took hold and for every year since a small group of volunteers has made a week-long effort to aid in helping disaster victims in Joplin MO, New Orleans LA , Henryville IN, Moore OK and in 2016 in Wise, VA. It has been hard, rewarding, team building work. In many senses it is the most "Christ-like" experience some of us have ever been part of.



Roof Repair under way.

Removing the old roof to make way for a new one in Wise, VA.

Wise VA Mission Trip 2016

Making progress on the new roof in Wise, VA.


Taken a quick and well deserved break.

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